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NAME:  Luke Graber

BORN:  1992

EDUCATION:  BFA in illustration from Cleveland Institute of Art (2010-2014)

SKILLS:  Illustration, Storyboards/Sequencing, 2D Animation, Graphic Design

I have always had a passionate interest in illustration, graphic art, and design.  Growing up on cartoons and various forms of sequential art led me to drawing my own stories.  By the time I was in high school I was taking art seriously, knowing this would be my pursuit.  I studied illustration at the Cleveland Institute of Art and received my BFA in 2014.  While in college I had my first opportunity to illustrate the children's book How the Rhino Got His Skin, which was published in 2013.  In late 2014 the Fred S Keller School commissioned me to illustrate two more children's books.  In 2016 I joined Essence Cartoon as a freelance illustrator and 2D animator.  Most recently in 2017 I illustrated two more children's books: How the Squid Got Two Long Arms and Good Egg and Bad Apple.  Both were published in 2018.  Besides illustrating, I enjoy animation, game design, comic books, movies, and running.

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